what is monero

what is monero monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning it is cozy digital coins operated by means of a network of users. transactions are confirmed with the aid of distributed consensus, after which immutably recorded at the blockchain. 1/3-parties do not need to be trusted to preserve your monero safe.what is monero.

what is monero

monero uses ring signatures and ring personal transactions to obfuscate the quantities, origins, and destinations of all transactions. monero presents all of the blessings of a decentralized cryptocurrency, without any of the standard privateness concessions.

sending and receiving addresses in addition to transacted quantities are obfuscated via default. transactions on the monero blockchain can't be related to a selected person or real-world identity.

monero is fungible due to the fact it's miles non-public by default. in its cutting-edge country, it's miles extremely not going that monero will ever be blacklisted with the aid of exchanges or carriers due to its association in previous transactions.
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