What Is XMRWallet and Monero Benefits

What Is XMRWallet and Monero Benefits
Monero (XMR) is a token famous for its resilience in the market rank. XMR did not take as much hit as other cryptocurrencies in 2018, however, they failed to capitalize on the recent surge that digital assets experienced in the month of April 2018.

What Is XMRWallet?
The 13th largest cryptocurrency has obviously attracted some dedicated wallets. XMRWALLET is the newest one in the market.

The announcement for the new project had come on Reddit by user WiseSolution otherwise known as Nath(short for Nathalie). It has support for 10 languages and the ability to send a maximum amount. All these abilities are provided to the user while being good looking at the same time.

What Is XMRWallet and Monero Benefits

Monero Benefits
Monero can't be hacked to steal your funds, due to the power of distributed consensus. This means that you are responsible for your own money, and don't have to trust any entity to keep it safe for you.

The power of the blockchain usually increases security at the cost of privacy, but with Monero's sophisticated privacy-centric technology, you get all of the security benefits of the blockchain without any of the privacy trade-offs.

By taking advantage of ring signatures, Monero makes it ambiguous which funds have been spent, and thus extremely unlikely that a transaction could be linked to any particular user.

Because of its on-by-default privacy technologies, Monero is fungible, which means that one Monero will always be equal to another. This ensures that there will be no discrimination over the origin or history of your coins, lessening the worry of potential blacklisting by exchanges or vendors

XMRWallet Features

Full client-side operation
Fast transactions
Instant account creation
Support for ten languages
Compatibility with MyMonero seeds for wallet imports
Compatibility with original Monero seeds for wallet imports
No transaction import requirement
Visible height synchronization with a progress bar
An automatically-updated XMR/USD balance view
Max function on send page
Multiple seed access (in new tab)
No registration requirements
No logs
There are additional features currently in development, including seamless access to coins on forked chains, such as Monero Classic (XMC), Monero Original (XMO), and MoneroV (XMV).

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